My GSoC 2017 project is CCAligner : Word by Word Audio - Subtitle Synchronization with CCExtractor Development.The aim of the project is to build a tool for word by word synchronisation of subtitles with audio present in the video by tagging each individual word as it is spoken. Accepted in Google Summer of Code 2017!.

This page will contain centralized information related to the project.

I have decided to prepare a detailed checklist of all the milestones / tasks / deliverables and host it as Github Gist. This way it will become super easy to add new milestone, remove them, mark them complete et cetera for both me and my mentors. I am embedding the Gist below. I will be posting log of my GSoC activities on this blog, click here to read all my GSoC 2017 project related posts.

Detailed Timeline and Milestone Checklist

You may access the below gist directly here.